Computer Science – The Right Choice?


We support prospective students in the decision on what course of study is right for them. The following six steps are to help you get a clear idea about the contents and requirements of our computer science programs.


Why Study Computer Science?

„Graduates are in high demand and are being offered great jobs − diverse, interesting, demanding, and well paid.“

Source: Informatik studieren! (de), an initiative of the Ernst-Denert-Stiftung für Software-Engineering (de)


Step1: Get Informed!

Try to get a full picture of what it means to study computer science by drawing on a variety of information sources. As a start, you can read our information sheet on the RWTH Bachelor's and Master's computer science courses of study (de), which gives you a short overiew of the content of the programs.

An overview of the every day activities of professional computer scientists are described on the German-language website Informatik studieren!.

Furthermore, we recommend the following brochures which are to assist you in deciding whether computer science is your program of choice:

Ingenieurwissenschaft (Informatik) − richtig für mich?
Entscheidungshilfe für Abiturientinnen und Abiturienten


Step 2: Participate and try things out!

You are kindly invited to participate in our information events and taster courses. Get to know us at the Department, the University, and the broad range of computer science topics taught here in Aachen. Our motto is, don't just observe, but take part and try things out. Here's a list of some of our offerings:

InfoSphere Computer Science Lab (de)
Computer Science for Schoo Students (de)
RWTH Berufetag (de)
Advising Days for School Students (de)
Taster Studies for Second Grade Pupils
Girls' Day at RWTH Aachen University

Further taster events and advising days for prospective students


Step 3: Test Yourself!

There is an online self-assessment test that has been specially developed for individuals interested in studying computer science. It is an orientation test that helps you to find out whether computer science suits you as a subject. Just try it out – it's free of charge and anonymous.

An algorithm is a set of steps to follow intended to efficiently solve a specific problem. In computer science, algorithms play a cetral role. If you are interested in the questions and problems computer scientists seek to answer, also check out the Algorithmus der Woche (de) website!


Step 4: Attend Computer Science Lectures

The Course Catalogue for School Students (de) lists a number of computer science lectures that are suitable for beginners. You can come along and attend these lectures – there's no registration required. Don't be disappointed if you find them difficult to follow in the beginning, just get a first impression and experience the "atmosphere" of the discipline.


Step 5: Make Use of Our Advising Services

If you have any questions about our computer science degree programs, please contact our academic advisors. We are happy to assist you with all your questions and queries.


Step 6: Have a Look at Alternatives!

Informatik ist eine gute Wahl, aber nicht die einzige. Wenn Sie grundsätzliche Zweifel am Informatik-Studium haben, lassen Sie sich von der zentralen Studienberatung der RWTH zu alternativen Studiengängen beraten.

We are convinced that computer Science is a good choice. However, of course there are alternatives. If you have doubts about choosing computer as your program of choice, you can talk to the advisors from RWTH's Student Advice Centre, who are happy to discuss alternative options with you.