Why Study Computer Science?


Computer science is a highly diverse field, both during your studies and in your future professional activity. If you can relate to the questions listed below, computer science might be your degree program of choice.


10 Questions

  1. 1
    Do you want to work with and on the most powerful and universal machines ever devised by humankind?
  2. 2
    Do you want to master a rigorous, challenging course of study?
  3. 3
    Do you want to get prepared for attractive job positions which will be in high demand even in twenty years' time?
  4. 4
    Do you want to be confronted with fascinating topics at the forefront of technological development?
  5. 5
    Do you want to get prepared for interdisciplinary activities, for instance in the media, in the automotive industry, in aviation, or possible even in sociology?
  6. 6
    Do you want to collaborate with interesting people?
  7. 7
    Do you want to work with the most flexible material and subject matter imaginable?
  8. 8
    Do you want to strive for entrepreneurial success, or do you dream about owning your own company?
  9. 9
     Or do you want to want to learn programming languages and develop large-scale programming systems?

Did you answer many of the above questions in the affirmative?

If so, we recommend you to check out our school students lab, our taster events, attend a few of our lectures, and benefit from your advisory offerings! Moreover, you can take a computer science self-assessment, a test which helps you find out whether computer science is the right choice of degree for you:

Computer Science – The Right Choice for Me?


Like almost no other science, [computer science] permeates almost all aspects of our daily lives. Even, and particularly so, in areas where it remains invisible: it is hidden in telephone switchboards, cell phones, cars, and household devices – it controls, senses, and issues warnings. Computer science is at the heart of the modern information society.

Source: informatikjahr.de