Recommendations for a Good Start to Your Studies


On this page you will find various recommendations from the Mentoring Team on offers and events that you shouldn't miss as a new student and to which we would like to cordially invite you.



Computer Science Bridge Course: 21. until 25. September, 2020

Orientation days for first-year students: 5. until 9. October, 2020


Info, Fun and Orientation

It is tradition at RWTH Aachen for your student representative council (FSMPI) to organize a framework program for new students' first few days at university. FSMPI collaborates with the department and the mentoring group of Computer Science as the university administration.

We highly recommend participating as this offers you a possibility to get interesting and important information about studies, establish contact and make new friends, or just have a great time and fun for a few days, for example during the city rally.

Of course it is possible to find all of the necessary information yourself. However, it is helpful to network with others right at the beginning to get off on the right foot for your studies.

I am still close friends with the people I met during the orientation week. It makes studies much easier, because we can help each other and because there is always someone who understands what you're talking about. Especially when you're frustrated. And that happens pretty often....

I highly recommend the orientation week to everyone. I'm glad I went back then, even though I originally thought it was just child's play.

(Feedback from a computer science student in the 5th semester)


FAQ for First-year Students

Why is participation in the first semester introductory course of computer science important?

This is a subject-specific event of the department for Computer Science. There are at least two good reasons not to miss out.

  1. This event is usually held the first day of the orientation week. Here you get not only an overview of the entire Bachelor's course of study, but also current information about mandatory courses and events during the first semester. The professors of the mandatory courses also often introduce themselves.
  2. You will be assigned to a mentoring group during this event. Computer Science Mentoring is one of the obligatory events during the first semester. After the event you have the opportunity to get to know your mentor and the students in your mentoring group in a relaxed atmosphere.


Current dates

I missed the orientation week. What now?

Send an email to as soon as possible. You will be assigned to a group as quickly as possible.