Mentoring - compulsory course for new students

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Mentoring - one of 5 compulsory courses

In addition to the computer science and mathematics lectures, there is another compulsory course in the first and second semester, which you must attend: the computer science mentoring. Mentoring helps you to find your way around the university and master the first semester successfully.

You are wondering why?

On the one hand, we know that a bad academic start tends to have a negative impact on the further academic progress. This results, for example, in longer studies and worse grades. On the other hand, many students report that they felt lost at the beginning of their studies or that they simply underestimated the professional and personal requirements of their studies.

This is more than understandable, because Uni works quite differently than school. From the beginning, you are responsible for your studies and their progress. You need to reorganize, make many decisions and take the initiative. In addition, for many students their entire personal environment changes at once: the first own apartment, friends and family are far away and everything is new. This situation is very stressful for many students in the first year of their studies.

For these reasons, the Department of Computer Science in cooperation with the Student Council considered how they could support new students, so they can have a successful academic start and are able to find their way into their studies more easily. The result was the development of a mentoring program for first-year students, in which they form small groups in the orientation week. Throughout the first semester, these groups are accompanied and supported by student mentors who are computer science students from higher semesters.

How does it work?

During the weekly mentoring appointments, your group will be dealing with topics of everyday student life. Together, you will be able to overcome obstacles and develop solutions and strategies that can help you successfully master the challenges of studying. In addition to the group appointments, you have the opportunity to discuss personal problems and difficulties with your mentor in private. The mentoring has the positive side effect that you quickly and easily get to know new people and you can start networking right from the beginning. You will see: Fun is also not missed out, whether it is during Laser Tag, barbecue or a cozy pub evening. If you are open-minded and ready to participate actively, you can benefit from the mentoring, your mentor's experience and from working with the students in your group.

By the way, if you like the mentoring program and want to give something back to others, you can become a mentor yourself, either as part of your non-technical elective module or as a small student assistant position.

Become a Mentor