Mentoring Module FAQ


What can I expect in the Mentoring Program?

  • How do I plan out the semester?
  • Which online systems can I use and how do they work?
  • What's the best way for me to study and how do I find the right study group?
  • How do I deal with stress?
  • What is the Department of Computer Science? How can I best prepare for exams?
  • Should I commute or look for an apartment? What about funding and financial aid?

This is just a snippet of the variety of questions, problems, and uncertainties that you face at the beginning of your studies and that can be burdensome.

Our Mentoring Program for first-year students offers intensive supervision and individual advising to make your start at the university easier. You meet in a small mentoring group once a week. You will not only discuss topics relevant to studies but you also have the opportunity to talk with fellow students and build a helpful network right from the beginning.


How do I register?

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You have the opportunity to register and be assigned to a mentoring group during the first-year student orientation week after the orientation event.

We highly recommend participating in this event. If you cannot participate or missed the registration date, please contact us at immediately.

Please note the recommendations and information for first-year students .


Further Questions

How does it work?


You are mentored in small mentoring groups by trained computer science students in higher semesters. This allows you to profit from the experiences of advanced students, who were recently in your shoes.

Additionally, you are invited to seek confidential professional advising for problems or difficulties. We have a sympathetic ear for you. Advising is always tailored to your questions and needs. Our aim is to discover your potential with you, develop solutions together, and help you implement them.

Who must participate in mentoring?

Active participation in mentoring is required for students in the first and second semesters. They receive 1CP or credit point for their participation. There is no alternative module for obtaining this credit.

Do I have to participate in mentoring if I was previously in another course of study?

If you gained 30 or more credit points in your previous course of study, you can be excused from participating. Please file an application for the recognition of prior academic performance (transfer of credit) with the Examination Board. Further information on this application can be found in the Application System of the Examination Board, see Transfer of Credit.

Can I change mentoring groups?

We will consider assigning you to another group if you have have a valid reason and talk with us.

What is required to receive the mentoring credit?

Active participation in mentoring is required for students in the first and second semesters.

You will receive the mentoring credit after the first semester if you have passed at least two of the four compulsory examinations in the first semester in addition to compulsory attendance.

In this case, you will automatically be exempted from participating in mentoring in the second semester. The mentoring credit will be credited to you after the first semester.

If you have passed fewer than 2 exams or have not fulfilled your obligation to participate, you must attend a mentoring learning workshop in the second semester.

Please note: You will not be automatically enrolled for 2nd semester mentoring. You have to register for Computer Science Mentoring - Second-Semester Workshops. After the registration deadline, you will receive an e-mail with the dates of the Workshops and further details.