Aachen Maker Meetup and Dorkbot turn 10

Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 6:30-11pm

Tangibles on Tabletop Copyright: Chair for Media Informatics and Human Computer Interaction

At the Chair for Media Computing and Human Computer Interaction, the Aachen Maker Meetup turns 10!

In 2009, the chair started hosting monthly Maker meetups under the name of DorkBot. This event series has in the meantime got a fresh start with increased variety and interesting guests thanks to the support by new research projects by BMBF and EU.

To celebrate, Prof. Jan Borchers will present the Greatest Hits and Misses from our first ten years in ten minutes, everybody will get a small, fabbed present, you can try out several brand-new fabbed electronic games designed by RWTH students this semester, Mario Lukas will show the latest version of his FabScan 100€ DIY 3D Scanner, we'll present the coolest new research projects for makers from the CHI conference, we'll be playing games together, have a spinning laser installation (this time hopefully without triggering fire alarms), connect to Fab Lab veteran René Bohne, and maker publisher Bombini-Verlag will be there too.

YOU can make this event even better by bringing your favorite DIY project of the last ten years to show off at the event!

Please RSVP for the event so we can order the right amount of pizza. :)

You'll be fine with German or English at the event. Our meetups take place at our research lab, but we have a wide mix of attendees of all ages, not just students. Interested people are heartily invited to join the event anytime, with or without their favorite tool.

Some profiles of regular attendees, and more details in English and German on the Dorkbot website

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