Summer Festival 2021

Friday, June 25, 2021, 12-6pm

Entrance of Computer Science Center with sponsor flags Copyright: © Martin Braun

Our Summer Festival will enter the virtual world in 2021 as well and provide opportunities to get into contact with well-known companies via a company contact trade fair. There will be information booths where you can directly get in touch with employees and find out more about their offerings. In addition, short talks will be held via Zoom by the companies as well as by university chairs of Computer Science, which will introduce themselves in an intertaining way.

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Virtual Location  
Exhibition hall Company contact trade fair

3MM ("three-minute madness") of the companies

2MM ("two-minute madness") by doctoral candidates of the university chairs


Presentation of the university chairs


Honoring of extraordinary theses

Congratulations and presents for the graduates

Café Networking