Implementation of the Institutional Strategy


Visit of the Strategy Commission

In November 2014, delegates from the Strategy Commission and the Administrative Office of the German Council of Science and Humanities, the German Research Foundation (DFG), and representatives from the federal and state governments visited RWTH Aachen. The visitors took the opportunity to get informed about the state of implementation of the Insitutional Strategy funded by Germany’s Excellence Initiative.

The visitors were welcome at the E.ON Energy Research Center where the information session on the various measured of the Institutional Strategy took place. In the presentations and subsequent discussions, it became evident that the implementation process is progressing at a rapid pace and that the development process underway is sustainable beyond the funding period of the Excellence Initiative.

Poster Exhibition on the Individual Measures of the Institutional Strategy

A marketplace of posters and exhibits provided the opportunity to continue and expand the discussion with regard to concrete developments. Subsequently, the delegation had a conversation with members of the Rector’s Office concerning the possible continuation of the Excellence Initiative beyond the end of the funding period in 2017.

Recently, the Joint Science Conference, an institution concerned with the development of science and research policy strategies for Germany, has decided that a continuation of the Excellence Initiative will be seriously considered. The characteristics of a possible follow-up program, however, are still to be decided.

Subsequent to the site visits at Germany’s excellence universities, the German Council of Science and Humanities and the German Research Foundation will compile a report for the Joint Science Conference on the progress of the Excellence Initiative.

Poster Gallery

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Poster Presentation on the Excellence Initiative