What is the PromotionsCafé?

The PromotionsCafé is an initiative by the Department of Computer Science which seeks to provide a platform for doctoral candidates at the department. It was created in the context of the AlgoSyn graduate school, headed by Professor Wolfgang Thomas, and has recently been further expanded as an independent institution under the coordination of Ms. Helen Bolke-Hermanns.

What are the Aims of the PromotionsCafé?

The PromotionsCafé is a platform for doctoral candidates to discuss matters beyond the everyday academic activities, such as career planning, job opportunities, as well as gender-related and other topics.

If you have any suggestions for topics to discuss, please write an email to .

Who can Participate?

All doctoral candidates at the department are invited to participate in the PromotionsCafé.



We would like to invite you to the next PromotionsCafé session!

Our main topic will be: Going abroad – Challenges and Experiences


This time around, our guests are Mogjan Kamali (PhD Student, Åbo Akademi University, Finland & Guest researcher RWTH Aachen University) and Stefan Wüller (Post-doctoral candidate , RWTH Aachen University & Stevens Institute of Technology) and they will talk with us about:

Going Abroad – Challenges and Experiences

Going abroad offers huge opportunities for development on both a personal and a professional level:

  • Meeting a diverse range of people - building lifelong relationships
  • Organizing financial possibilities for the stay
  • Studying and working differently abroad
  • Increasing international job prospects
  • Experiencing and overcoming Culture

All doctoral candidates are cordially invited to attend!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018, 4 - 5:30pm, Computer Science Center: Room 9220, E3, Ahornstraße 55, 52074 Aachen

Registration and further information: