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In the Computer Science Department about 30 research groups are working in different research areas. Most of these issues are of particular social and global relevance such as our commitment to international climate or aerospace research.

For further information on our research projects, see the individual websites of the research groups.

Our Research Groups at a glance


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German Research School for Simulation Sciences

Cooperation and Partners

Top-level research, international projects and interdisciplinary collaboration shape our academic profile and form the basis of our success in the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments. The department participates in two of three clusters of excellence and in the Graduate School of the Excellence Initiative. Thus we contribute to the excellence status of RWTH Aachen significantly.

Memberships and Environment

Interdisciplinary Projects

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The members of the Regionalgruppe Informatik Aachen der Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) work together to exchange views and information, to discuss and develop new ideas and to represent the concerns and interests of computer science and information technology in the region.

RIA works closely together with REGINA e. V., RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

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Aachen IT Competence Network REGINA e.V. is a combination of more than 100 Aachen-based companies, educational establishments and research institutes. Although competitors in some areas, the mainly small to medium-size enterprises which make up the network have embraced the concept of forming an alliance to bring mutual benefit to all its members. Many of the general tasks they face are dealt with through collaboration within REGINA, in order to prevent unnecessary repetition or duplication of work.

With research establishments such as RWTH Aachen University, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Aachen Polytechnic and the Forschungszentrum Jülich, as well as the major development laboratories of industrial companies, the Aachen region possesses a density of research and development which is almost unique in Europe. The IT sector is one of the most promising focal fields, with its interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching.

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Collaborative Research Center (CRC)